Public Notice to Cease and Desist

Gerri Diamond is requesting all corporations, entities, music labels, web masters, publishing, record labels, music groups and or affiliates to cease and desist at once using her music, vocal, picture or likeness, in any form or for profit and or advertisement.  Gerri Diamond and David Keaton legal owners of Gerri Diamond Music, is asking for all unpaid royalties and mechanicals over the past 45 years to be paid at once to Gerri Diamond.



Official website: Gerri Diamond the “Blues Mama” 


Gerri Diamond


Janice Cried


Fat Legs

Last Call

Public Legal Notice

AudioHipster is a recording studio (doing community service by giving free time in this case) recording new releases and helping artists re-coop money never paid by by record labels.  If you look hard, you will find many horrible crooks who never paid the deserving artist a single dime.   Just read the book: “Off the Record”... and you will understand what really happens in this greedy industry.

“Record labels suck when they should be licking!” AudioHipster quote... Patent pending! :~)

These statements are the opinion of AudioHipster only and not approved by lovely miss Gerri herself.  It has been common knowledge throughout the world that many record labels and affiliates have sold artists art with and without any contract and/or forged artists’ signature and have pocked the money.  Lovely Gerri has never received a dime from  any sale of her art, from so called big record labels and or publishing groups. When Hanna Barbara paid Shad O'Shea, guess what, Gerri never got a dime of any promised money, she also never signed a contract with this man or any other affiliate to use her music or sell her vocals words or music. It has been common knowledge that these sick greedy thieves have done this to many well known artists.

Please read Shad O'Shea book “Off the Record”  and you will see a glimpse of how these artists were treated and never paid. We guess that must have eased his conscience, to let the world know.  AudioHipster is in support of music being returned to the artist, by the music world that has defrauded them... and in Gerri Diamond’s case, they had no legal right, to begin with, and if they claim to that is good news... because she has a legal right to all past royalties and damages and any profit being gained with or without her said permission.  { To Date Gerri has received $0.00 }.

Gerri’s  Blues CD coming soon new songs: Delicious

Last Call

Fat Legs